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Lawn maintenance is centered around mowing of the lawn, trimming of all edges and curb lines, and cleaning of debris from all hard packed areas (street, patios, walk ways, decks, etc.).

The other important component is regular upkeep on smaller maintenance that can go unnoticed, but over time can fester into a blemish on what would be an otherwise well maintained property. A few examples of this would include: pruning of low limbs cluttering the lawn, bed definition upkeep, curb-line maintenance, etc. We believe it is important to mention these additional components, as many other service providers do not incorporate these details with the service.

Seasonal Clean Up

Seasonal Clean Up will keep your lawn looking it’s best year round. We will remove all of the dead leaves and branches from your lawn, clean out your flower beds, and tidy up the area to give your lawn and home a tidy and clean appearance.

Spring Clean Up

Our Spring Clean Up service is the first service that the majority of our clients experience each year. This can be one of the most important services, as it creates a baseline and a solid foundation for us to start from, allowing us to properly maintain your property throughout that year. We are able to identify any issues early on, and remedy them before they become larger issues and more difficult to deal with.

What you can expect with a Spring Clean Up: removal of all winter debris that may have fallen or accumulated from the lawn and landscape beds, removal of any low hanging limbs or shrubs protruding into the lawn, manual edging of all landscape beds to create a clear line of demarcation between the lawn and landscape, and a thorough property and landscape inspection to ensure a successful year for your property.

Fall Clean Up

Fall Clean up is the service that we typically end the year with. It is one of the most important services because if done improperly there can be several pesky problems. Possible problems include: fall debris can smother and kill plants and lawn, leaves can create environments for insects and rodents to harbor during winter and cause problems the following year, as well as slippery walks from leaf build up, creating a falling hazard, not to mention an unsightly curb appeal.

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